Abroad education consultancies India
Abroad education consultancies India


    Bachelor of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology

    I am very thankful to Abe Services Pvt Ltd Kochi for making me an opportunity to study in Australia. After my advanced diploma I was planned to study in Canada, but due to sometime delays, delay admission etc. I dropped the plan for Canada then my father saw an advertisement in a Newspaper regarding Abe Services, Kochi. I came up to Abe Services and enquired about study options in Australia. Finally, I confirmed Australia and gave all my documents and proceeded. Now that I have confirmed my admission at QUT and received my student visa without any delay and difficulty. I thank Sonia madam, Pradeep sir and my counselor Amrutha for their valuable support and service.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Federation University.

    My student counselor is Meera K S, mam provided all facilities by giving all information and directions on time. Helped me to choose my course, university and everything. Abe Services provided me with a good university. Mam was always available in phone. Also I have consulted Pradeep sir he also provided me with all kind of information. Also they have answered all my questions with patience. Also the agency provided me the IELTS coaching which helped me to pass my exam. Whenever I met all members of Abe with a smiling face I am comfortable with all the services.

    International MBA, University of South Australia.

    I am very much thankful towards Abe Services for its excellent service to satisfy my dream to study in university of South Australia. The personal relationship with Mr. Pradeep helped me to connect with Abe Services. It is Mr. Pradeep, who advised and counselled about the best universities and courses that suit to my profile. The valuable service of Abe Services supported me from the beginning, even after getting my student visa. The agency is aware of all the excellent universities, its scholarship to the international students etc. I did everything by seeking advices from the personal counselor Mr. Phibin who supported me in all the process of getting admission in the university, payment and visa submission etc. the small session conducted by Mr. Phibin about the things to remember before the journey was very helpful. It is by his session I really came to know about many does and don’ts which should be take care of in future. I am very thankful to Abe Services and its friendly staff members for the valuable helps to build my better future.

    Master of Engineering, Edith Cowan University.

    I am very much satisfied the services provided by Abe Services .They gave me the suitable University in Australia for my Post graduation. My counselor Mrs. Amrutha she cleared all my doubts about the course. The class conducted by Mr. Phibin sir was good and useful one I got a lot of idea about the travel. He explained everything neatly and clearly. Once again I thank each and every one in Abe Services who helped me.

    MBA International, Deakin Univerity

    Good day! First of all I would like to thank you as I never felt any dissatisfactory. Moreover, at one point being noticed a feel of communicational gap and give the initiative for direct communication made me an outstanding feel of your services. On the other hand all the supports counseling everything especially, for me the Deakin was a liverish dream on your side, being on lot of limit of limitations the execution of my CoE and all other verification were speechless.
    To conclude, I never let any complaint in the communication in between the documentation works. I wish let this long last ever and by this hoping you guys can help a lot for many like me for then Australia on Deakin dream come true.

    Master of Management Information Systems, Edith Cowan University

    Meera and she is very friendly and as well as an excellent guide. From the time of first approach she explained all pros and cons about every single matter. During the paper works and Sop preparation, they helped me really well and it helps me a lot during that time. On the time of processing also their service was excellent. They checked all documents keenly and updated me, services was excellent from the time till the end. A session held before travel was really informative and helpful. They give mentor in Australia which was really helpful to know about university. As well as to know about part time job procedures and accommodation.

    Master of Social Work, Federation University.

    Abe Services was very different from other consultancies. It was their special concern and recognition that made me to continue with you. My counselor Amrutha, she was very friendly and was very clear and correct in her communications. I am thankful to Abe in what they conveyed. It would better if they can provide the printed list of documents that we have to submit for visa process, even though they mail the list. If we have a hard copy of lists, it would be easy for both students and parents to arrange things.

    Master of Engineering, Queensland University of Technology

    I approached Abe Services with a reference from my cousin. When I first visited Abe Services, they arranged counseling with Mr. Pradeep he was very much helpful, clear and I was very much satisfied by his behavior towards me. After few weeks I continued Ms. Meera K S, she was my counselor and she was very good and helpful and also give clear ideas about the college and also the guidelines given by her was very much helpful. During my first visit I was not prepared on what I have to do, which college should I chose etc. But after the counseling a clear picture was in front of me. She was very co-operative and also clear any doubts without any hesitations.
    They move each and every document fastly and now my visa is granted and I am very much happy about the service. The pre departure class held by Abe Services was very helpful and very informative about each and very think one should know about. In total service was excellent and will definitely recommend for friends.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Queensland University of Technology

    My counselor was Meera K S she cleared all my doubts regarded with my course. They provided good service during the class. The orientation class had given a clear view of all the things which we should carry. The class was actually very beneficial because I had no idea on my travel. I understand that many part time works are available for me. Which gives a way to control my expense; I feel great that I could attend this orientation class. I am thankful to all the people behind this class. The class was taken in a good way; I could understand the entire topic explained.
    Thank you

  • KEVIN. M
    Bachelor of Pre- medicine, Science and Health, University of Wollongong

    I would like to extend by sincere gratitude towards Abe Services for providing me with such excellent guidance and support from the time. I first arrived in Abe Services seeking help and guidance to pursue my dream career in Australia. Pradeep sir showed me all possible pathways to each my destination from which I was able to freely choose the one best for me educationally and financially. Thereafter, thanks to my counselor Meera that I was given proper guidelines and support for preparing SOP(statement of purpose) which is key for obtaining visa and was completed with ease. Even when it came down to submitting required documents, applying to the University and got my visa with minimal efforts without going through telephonic interview from embassy, all thanks to Abe Services. Abe Services always keep me update with all informations regarding my admission and visa information. So overall the whole process was completely transparent. Even after getting visa, the pre-departure class provided by Mr. Phibin was very informative and I gained a lot of knowledge on the lifestyle, culture and the ways of Australian natives. Strict guidance and warnings were also provided regarding departure and arrival in Australia.
    In general, if you would like to receive a complete pre and post departure support for our career. I will now and always recommend Abe Services.

    Master of Engineering, Edith Cowan University

    My counselor was Mrs. Amrutha. I had various doubts during the whole process. These doubts were cleared satisfactorily. I had also received supports whenever I required. The service provided by the agency are satisfactory, the class provided to inform about things that one should care about before going to Australia is very helpful and informative. The class was taken interestingly and friendly. Doubts were also cleared. Food and refreshments provided were also good. They were many hurdles during the admission procedures. Most of them were cleared and I hope to receive continued support from Abe Services when I pursue my studies in Australia. Overall I am satisfied by the services provided by agency and interaction by the staff is also satisfactory.

  • Leena CN
    Bachelor of Nursing, University of South Australia

    It was really a wonderful experience with Abe services with regards to my application and admission procedure for bachelor degree in nursing in University of South Australia. The assistance and care they provided on each and every step of admission procedures were prompt and above expectations. In case anyone thinking of obtaining admission in any abroad universities I strongly recommend Abe services for them. My sincere and special thanks to Mr.Pradeep, Ms.Soniya and Ms.Amritha .....

    Bachelor of Nursing, University of South Australia.

    I am very much satisfied with the services provided by the Abe Services. They helped a lot to clear my doubts about studies in Australia. I was worried about different culture and lifestyle in Australia. So I frequently contacted the staff of Abe Services they helped me to clear my doubts by responding to my phone calls and emails. Student counselor of Abe Services provided me with all necessary information’s. Mr. Phibin and Ms. Amrutha helped me a lot to clear my doubts. They also helped me by talking to my parents and by providing them with I came to know about Abe Services from my aunt. She told me that Abe Services will provide all the necessary informations. I am completely satisfied with Abe Services. I think, Abe Services are gifted with excellent staffs. They know the way to talk and mingle with students. The class conducted by Phibin sir was very useful. The class was very informative it helped me to know a lot about international travel and living in Australia. I thank you all for the services provided.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Federation University

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Milan Sebastian and I come from pulluvazhy perumbavoor. It was a great experience to have Abe Services as my agency to select my campus at Australia. They provided all the support and needs required for this new experience in my life.
    To add on, they also conducted counseling section and motivation clear to provide us more information and strength which is required in the future. They described every point and the way to do the procedure required for it especially, my counselor Amrutha madam. I thank her very much and also Sonia madam and Pradeep sir, who helped me all the procedure a lot. Another person who helped me a lot was Phibin sir who helped me to do my SOP and helped me with the points required for it.
    To conclud, it was a wonderful and great experience from Abe Services and they helped me a lot. I will suggest this agency as the best agency for the coming future students to do their higher studies in Australia they are the best.
    They also try to maintain a good relation with my parents and helpful. All the procedure from the bank was speed by the help of this agency. I thank you a lot for that. Anyway this is a good agency for any customers.

    Master of Public Health, Deakin University.

    I express my sincere gratitude for your valuable guidance for enrolment in MPH course in Deakin University, Melbourne. Your remarkable services made us to achieve our dreams. Abe Services are best for punctuality, proper counseling, student support, good communication. All the best Abe Services I expect the same services in future also.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Australian Catholic University

    I am Nivya Rose Raju, now I am very much excited since I am going to study Bachelor of Nursing, in Australia from Australian Catholic University. All thanks to Abe Services, especially Pradeep sir, Sonia mam and Meera chechi.
    When I started thinking about higher studies in international country. I came across so many options. I chose Australia because of their wide scholarship opportunities and excellent quality of education in government Universities. Also I found that Abe Services is the No 1 education agent in India and their student support services are awesome.
    I got a very good score in 12th and the guidance from Abe Services helped me to choose the most suitable course and University. The most surprising part is the 50% of scholarship that I received from ACU. First I consulted with another agency, but they never provided any scholarship options. But now, to my belief, I am the first student from India to receive this scholarship from ACU. Abe played a major role in this. All I did was just submitted my documents to them and in a week I received my offer from ACU with 50% scholarship. After paying the fee the visa was ready in 10 days.
    I suggested Abe Services to all those dream about Australia. The counselors here were always ready to clarify our doubts through phone calls and messages. Abe Services selected the most suitable course and University. They did all documentation processes and admission with the University. They helped me in paying the fee and soon started visa processing. Meanwhile, mock interview were also conducted to enhance our experience. Classes were also conducted by Abe Services in between to describe more about Australia, University and their culture. All these were of great help to me. They even booked my air ticket and have always arranged Airport pickup. I suggest Abe Services to all.

    Master of Professional Accounting, Australian Catholic University

    I was recommended by one of my cousins about Abe Services, who is already been in Australia for higher studies by them. When I thought about doing post-graduation, I was really confused about the country to study university and course. Then I heard about Abe Services and came here and met student counselor Meera. She was very helpful and caring throughout the process, from university selection till visa process. She gave information about the best universities and courses available in Australia and also helped me to select the appropriate course according to my eligibility and work experience. Finally I chose ACU, which is the best university in the Melbourne area. I am very grateful to the entire team of Abe Services, especially Sonia madam and Pradeep sir who made by whole journey with this consultancy so easy fast and more comfortable. A very special thanks to my counselor Meera for her immense support and help. At first I was really worried about my admission but within small period my entire process was done. I received mu visa within 10 days of application. I am really very thankful to Abe Services who made my dreams come true.

    Master of Human Resource Management, Edith Cowan University.

    I personally thank that, it was my best decision to choose Abe Services for my abroad education. This agency was very helping and welcoming. Basically I am from Thrissur and I contacted the counsellor of Thrissur branch of Abe. She was very helping person and she always remained patient when I was consulted with her. She gave me the correct instructions and always tried to console me when I was upset regarding my offer letter and CoE. Whenever I wanted any help, the Abe Services was always there. The service was very good and convenient. I hope that this agency will offer me any help whenever I want.
    Thank you.

    Master of Business, Queensland University of Technology.

    I am always indebted to Abe Services as am going to fulfill my long cherished dream to study abroad. I contacted Abe Services through Newspaper advertisement there was other agencies in the newspaper. I first called one agency but this way of communication was very poor and not satisfiable for me. They put on various criteria’s even my confidence to study abroad was lost because of their poor way of communication towards me. Secondly, I came across with Abe Services the advertisement itself was impressive. After the conversation with the agent I got self-confidence and realization that I found the right path toward achieving my dream. I understand that am almost near to my dream and goal. From the first call till I got visa agency and the staff members always keeping informed about everything. I was heard of my many fraudulent agencies, but then too, through detailed reference that the agency provide were 100% assure and satisfiable. I got visa I was tensed about travel through plane for first time, but for god sake Abe Services arranged an awareness class for the students the class was utmost effective. The members were very much friendly and kind. The provide a good session in a suitable conference hall. I am very thankful to Phibin Sir, as he was always a guiding spirit for me. The class included all refreshment facilities also. Am whole heartedly thankful to Abe Services.
    Thank you.

    Master of Engineering Technology, Federation University.

    I am Ronal Robin and I would like to highlight few points as listed below about the services offered to me by Abe Services.
    *Genuine response
    *Fast result
    *Knowledge on the topic was good
    *Highly good staffs

    Bachelor of Nursing, Federation University.

    After my +2 I decided to join IELTS and I passed my IELTS with an overall score of 7. When my result came I decided to study BSc nursing at Australia. I consulted Abe Services. The service provided by Abe was really helpful. On the first day I consulted Pradeep sir. Who introduced most suitable universities for my graduation. I selected Federation University for my graduation. I handed over all my scanned copies of my certificates to apply to Federation University. After one week I got offer letter from the University. My counselor is Ms. Meera she always clear my doubts and she gave me all type of advice which needed for further processing. It was really useful she also prepared me for the interview for the University. It was really helpful I improved really well. The month of November I had my medicals and at December I paid University fees. Sonia mam was dealing with university for my application.
    All the processing was really fast and I submitted for my visa we also had an orientation class by phibin sir which was really helpful. It helped to clear all the doubts during the travel and after reaching the university. In this occasion I would like to thank Abe Services and each everyone who really worked hard for my study visa. If anyone asked for counseling for abroad studies I will certainly recommend Abe Services. Meera mam always answered my calls. I am really thankful to each everyone in Abe Services who helped me get admission in a good University and student visa.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Edith Cowan University.

    I was really tensed when I entered Abe Services, Thrissur branch. Because I had wasted so much money and time for overseas studies at different agencies. Mr. phibin explained all the negative and positive aspects of overseas studies and encouraged me to select ECU. It was a wonderful experience for me because he could clarify all my doubts. My husband and myself decided to select ECU and processing was started. It look only two months to complete my visa approval Abe Services helped us to find all the required documents. Whenever I called them they were patient enough to answer my calls and above all, they are aware of the rules and regulations of the processing. Phibin and Limna helped me personally, whenever I call them. I did not have to waste my time for visiting the agency. A phone call was enough for each help I needed.
    Thank you each and every one at Abe Services of Thrissur and Ernakulam branch, for making my dream come true.

  • Shejin Shaji
    Master of Practising Accounting, Swinburne University of Technology

    Now in this pleasant moment, I would like to express my gratitude towards the team "Abe Services", especially to Amrutha K Raj and Sonia Rose Antony for their guidance, valuable time and their immense support during my admission process and visa process. I am very much impressed in the trustiness of the team and interaction with the students while during the whole process.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Queensland University of Technology

    First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sona Jose; I had completed my higher secondary education. From my 10th standard onwards I was planning to study veterinary related courses. From my friend, I heard about veterinary course in New Zealand. After my 12th I enquired about the scope for veterinary course in New Zealand through agency named “Educareer”. They were very helpful in every procedures but the processing did not go smoothly. So I was very much worried about my dream to go abroad for higher studies. After some months, I heard about Abe Services from one of my friends. Suddenly I contacted them. They were very active in all the processing and helpful in every needy situations. I was very impressed in the services of Abe Services; sincerely I thank my counselor Amrutha K Raj. Which she was very active and punctual in clearing the doubts also I thank Sonia Rose Antony for her support.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Federation University

    I visited Abe Services through an advertisement given in a newspaper on the month of October soon after my higher secondary examination joined for an IELTS course as I decided to join of bachelor of nursing in Australia. So, at Abe Kottayam I was introduced about Federation University, Melbourne by Pradeep sir. The very next day, I decided to apply in Federation University as I was well aware of the university and the processing. I received my offer letter within 2 weeks of registration. Upon the consulting offered by Neethu chechi, I moved on for a bank loan sanction. It took almost 1 month. But to transfer first semester fee, it took much more time as different documents where asked by university for fee transmission. Then there was a lag to receive the CoE, but still after receiving it I kept my documents for visa. A detailed description about the documents to be submitted and visa terms and conditions where given by both Neethu chechi and Pradeep sir. So upon the support of Abe Service, I received my visa within 7 days of visa documents submission.
    On the assistance of Pradeep sir, I decided to take my flight ticket under Air Asia along with the other students. The orientation class was conducted by Phibin sir, Sonia mam and Pradeep sir was very much useful as I came to know more about the Airport instruction and Federation University management. I would sincerely welcome more students to accomplish their international education dreams through Abe Services, as their consulting style is clear and to the point.

    Bachelor of Nursing, Queensland University of Technology

    I am Sona Sebastian; I completed my higher secondary studies. I was little confused about my higher studies. I was interested in studying abroad. After few months completing my higher secondary I passed IELTS and applied for veterinary (BVSc) in New Zealand through other agency. All was ready but finally a problem came on my fees payment. So, my cousin told me about Abe services soon I applied on Abe and after applying Abe soon I received offer letter. I was very happy on hearing that and I am thankful to Mrs. Amrutha (chechi) she was the one who I contacted.
    Now my visa procedures is carrying on I am satisfied with the service Abe Service done to me. And I am thankful to the service Abe Service done to me.